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The information contained on our website is a preliminary outline of our services, which can be further refined to best suit your vision for your brand.

We welcome any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to call with any comments or if you require further elaboration on any of the below points. We look forward to working with you and helping you to actualize your goals for your brand.

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Natalie Rose PR was built on love and passion for assisting product lines and entrepreneurs to gain media exposure and grow their business. We make it a priority to understand our client’s business; what the essence of the brand is and what makes it unique in today’s marketplace.

payment options For 3-month PR plan

Natalie Rose PR will identify fans of your brand and nurture relationships with key celebrities and their stylists, secure styling placements for red carpet events and assists in targeted celebrity gifting that will result in marketable photos and social media mentions. In addition, relationships will be cultivated to create celebrity endorsement opportunities for the future.

Celebrity placements will be leveraged to receive coverage in all major fashion, entertainment, and gossip publications and websites. This will include red car- pet, paparazzi and social media photos.

Natalie Rose PR will introduce the line to editors for editorial and product placement in national magazines. The editors will be contacted on a consistent basis to assess editorial opportunities. Pitching will be targeted for the individual needs of each publication’s audience. Additionally, Features Editors will be targeted to secure designer profile pieces.

Natalie Rose PR will identify influential bloggers to receive complimentary product in exchange for reviews. Finally, we will work with targeted blogs to receive instant coverage online.

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Tamara Tindell - eyelash extension training

As a "non essential" business during these hard economic times, we were really struggling to stay afloat. We decided to hire Natalie Rose PR to bring life back into our dying brand. After their affordable 3-month PR plan, we received a handful of press shout-outs. This resulted in an exclusive deal with one of the top social media influencers in our industry! We are forever grateful for Natalie Rose PR. They revived our dying brand!

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JESSICA kramer - Martha kramer Jewelry

After months of research on the perfect PR agency to partner with, I finally landed on Natalie Rose PR. It was the best decision I ever made! The team is small, which I love. This allowed them to give me their undivided attention. I didn't feel like I was a number to them. I contacted them almost daily to get status updates and coordinate gifting opportunities. After their 3-month PR Plan, I can honestly say that my business is in a completely different (better) space!  

The best decision I ever made...

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Media will be monitored on a daily basis not only to locate further opportunities, but also to secure outstanding press. All media placements will be serviced to you with all relating and available data.